When Should I Buy Organic?

We love our fruits and veggies! Proper nutrition is one of the best things you can do to optimize your health. Each year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) prepares a shopping guide to help you determine which fruits and vegetables are grown with the most and least amounts of pesticides. The “Dirty Dozen” are farmed utilizing the highest amounts of pesticides, with pesticide residue remaining on the matured produce. It is recommended to choose organic for the fruits and veggies on this list. The “Clean Fifteen” are farmed utilizing the least amounts of pesticides and conventionally farmed choices are ok. EWG recently released an updated list for 2018. The fruits and vegetables on each list are similar this year to 2017, although the ranking order has changed a bit with grapes moving higher on the most pesticides used list while avocados raced to the top of the “Clean Fifteen”.  To make your grocery shopping even easier, here’s a quick view list for you! (hint: you can save this picture as the background on your phone to make it even easier to reference while shopping!)

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